12 Little Habits Of Happy Couples

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Parenting & More By Disha Sethi

Before you start reading my article further, let me tell you a truth. We are not the happiest couple. So I am not a relationship expert here. But what marriage and so much research on other couples has taught me so far is that marriage is a work. A constant, nerve wrecking, hard work. And certainly the most important one. And like any dedicated worker we work towards it everyday.

I have read a lot of articles on marriage that tell you to take time off each other, communicate well and give each other space. So , I am not going to tell you that. The habits that I am going to share are no magic tricks, neither they need you to take life altering routine changing decisions, they are just little adjustments and gestures that can keep the magic going.


  1. Sleep at the same time:

Remember the beginning of…

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