A New Beginning!

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and readers. Not being able to post something since long, I really missed blogging. But, now back, I would like to invite u all to b a part of my new beginning that I recently settled up by the name of Ethnic Embroidery.

It is Ethnic yet Modern Indian Embroidery business on Women Clothing. Here is d link to it Click Here.

A few sample pictures above. I would be very happy if you all spare a few minutes and have a look at it.

The Embroidery is called as the Gota Patti Embroidery and originated authentically in Rajasthan. The royal family’s apparels were decorated with this embroidery. It is a light weight yet extremely attractive embroidery that simply gives one a very sophesticated, elegant and royal look.

Do not forget to see thru and share your comments about the same. Thanks 😃

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