Live in style – Stand Up Comedy

A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

– Charlie Chaplin

In such a hectic and stressful life today, one of the best things if one can do for others, is to make them laugh. Laughter is the finest antidote that instantly cures emotional and mental imbalance of the person. So, being able to spread joy, happiness, heal others emotionally, connect with them, reducing worries, bringing people together should be considered a gift. And if you have it, consider yourself gifted!

Do you think you have it? Can you Stand – Up on stage facing a room full of faces expecting you to make them laugh? If your answer is a yes, then Stand – Up Comedy might just be for you.

Briefly talking about stand – up comedy, it is basically a style of making a comic presentation in front of a live audience and directly interacting with them. There is a huge explosion of stand-up comedians these days who are looked upon as a celebrity in their own way. Who doesn’t know about our own comedy king, Kapil Sharma. He changed the entire scenario & perception about stand-up comedy, taking it to such high levels that were beyond imagination. Adding a few more names to this genre of artists, how can we forget the very famous, Johny Lever who shaped the stand – up comedy in India, followed by Raju Srivastava, Bharti Singh, Sudesh & Krishna, Vir Das, Sunil Pal, V.I.P., Naveen Prabhakar and so on.

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But as easy as it may sound, Stand – up comedy is considered one of the hardest things to pull off. The success as a stand-up artist is entirely based on ones’ talent and courage to overcome the experience of facing people first few times when they refused to laugh with your performance and gave you rejecting glances.

If you have this bone and the mettle to make your bold move in spite of all the odds, here is your chance to make it big. The is a great portal that encourages people to follow their hearts to stand – up comedy, be recognized, famous and applauded as stand – up comedians. They have an entire separate dedicated page for supporting and encouraging stand – up comedy on their portal which is a definitely commendable effort.


One can get a sneak peek into the lives of their favorite stand – up comedians and read through their success journey. Also, the page offers superb videos of stand – up comedy that are surely going to make you laugh hard. Other features include tips on stand – up comedy, world famous stand – up comedians etc.

Stand – up comedy now, is not just limited to stage and auditoriums. It has also reached to an entire new set – up i.e. the Bars, replacing or as add on to the live music bands and singers. After a hectic and busy day, bars are where most of the people visit to have a great evening and relax themselves. The comfortable and informal set – up of chairs & tables, high stools, bar counter etc. all add to the relaxing ambience of the place.

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