Combat Glossophobia – Fear of Public Speaking

Are you a Glossophobic?

Do you always search for hide outs and prefer to avoid facing an audience and speaking in Public? Do you start shaking, sweat, stammer, go blank, become hot or cold in face, spine or hands, or dry mouth as you stand on the stage facing an audience, ready to listen to you?

Fear of Public Speaking is called Glossophobia and among people, this fear is even above the fear of death. As many as 75% people in the world suffer from Glossophobia.

If you were nodding in agreement to the above statement, this book might be just your helpful handy guide. Public Speaking is a very integral part of being successful. You can’t succeed by hiding yourself and always avoiding situations to speak in public. This would mean lots of lost opportunities and a limited career graph.

Presenting to you all is my First E – book on Glossophobia. Click Here for the e-book

In this book, I have tried to address the issues that often become huge roadblocks to Public speaking and how easily one can overcome this fear and be a Confident Public Speaker.

Happy reading.

The Link to my Book

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2 Responses to Combat Glossophobia – Fear of Public Speaking

  1. esoofi says:

    Congratulations for the book mam! I would enjoy reading it, but I guess the link which you have put in doesn’t work well, kindly try to rectify Asap. Thanks.


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