The Art of Public Speaking

In the highly competitive world today, one has to be an all rounder. We all want to be impress. The latest scenarios have completely changed from what they were earlier. Confidence Building and Personality Development starts from a very tender age in present days. You might have graduated form the best of the university and got best of the grades, but if you do not have effective communication skills that impress, your career might take a back seat.

Public speaking has always played a major part in a person’s development. Time and again we do come across situations which require speaking to an audience; either making a presentation, lecturing a class, speech on your friend’s wedding or just addressing your team on the job and plenty more, they all reflect the confidence level of a person and leave a long lasting impression about you.

Your career graph majorly depends on how good or bad public speaker you are. It can make or break your career. Being Confident is the key. But how to boost self confidence. Read on.

1. KICK OUT THE NEGATIVITY – Never give space to negative thoughts that I can’t do this. You need stay positive that yes I can and will do it. Never run away from situations, face them. It is OK to feel nervous but do not be pessimistic and hopeless. Trust yourself first and then only others can trust you.

2. INCREASE YOUR VOCAB – We are often apprehensive about speaking in public due to a lacking vocabulary which is why we prefer to be out of focus whenever a situation to speak arises. This can be overcome by reading through articles, magazines, newspapers and most importantly a dictionary. Nothing compares to a dictionary. So invest in a good one.

3. PLAN & PEN DOWN – Choose a topic to speak on, create an outline and pen down the points that you will be incorporating. Read them again and again and see if the order seems correct and make changes accordingly and proceed.

4. READ IT ALOUD – After you have finished penning down your text, its time to read it out, ALOUD. It does sound silly but it helps. This helps you catch mismatched sentences or any other errors. You can try reading out loud in front of a mirror, which is a tried and tested method for many, or you can take help of your family or friends to be your primary audience. Do not worry about how you will perform at the first time, or what will people think about you. Everything has a first time! So try and don’t run.

5. HUMOR / INTERESTING EXAMPLES / QUOTES – It is always favorable to add humor while you speak, but certainly avoid dark humor. If humor isn’t easy, don’t try hard too much. You can also quote some relevant famous sayings or give examples from events that are well known to all so that your audience can relate much better to what you are saying.

6. BODY LANGUAGE / GESTURES – It is again a very important part. It can engage the audience dramatically even if you are speaking on a very basic topic. Stand confidently and don’t hide yourself behind the podium. Use your hands as and when required, but avoid over usage. It is no rule to keep standing at one place, unless specified, it is always better to keep moving a little and shifting from the place but also, avoid going too fast and far. Talk to your audience by making an eye contact.

7. FEEDBACK – It can be both positive or negative. Do not lose heart if you get negative feedback. Rather, thank the ones giving that as they are just going to help you improve. Work upon the areas that need improvement – diction, vocab, fluency, language, body language, gestures or anything.

8. PRACTICE PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE – “Don’t Practice until you can’t get it right. Practice, until you can’t get it wrong!!” Agree? Do not lose hope and feel discouraged if you don’t do well the first time. Everyone has a scope for improvement and you are no different. We are humans and we make mistakes. Keep practicing time and again with an optimistic approach. You will surely see an undeniable progress in your speaking. Start by addressing a few people, and as you feel comfortable to address a larger audience than the previous one, keep increasing your numbers accordingly.

Happy Speaking!! 🙂

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  1. mukul chand says:

    What a fabulous topic , very lovely write up indeed. Like yr website too, how did you make it ? Thank you for liking and following my posts. Your appreciation keeps me going. Keep reading and Please do comment so I can improve with time.


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