10 Interview Etiquette

So, you have finally got your interview scheduled and are preparing day and night for it. I have discussed the 10 Tips to Prepare for an Interview in my previous post. But only brushing up your knowledge and putting on your best suit is not enough. You also need to pay attention on how your actions and your body language once you enter the interview room. Remember, your endless knowledge is tested later, first impression is just by the way you walk in.

So, here is my post on few things one must keep in mind once you are IN the interview room. Read on..

  1. KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER – A knock on the door before entering doesn’t harms the door or the hand either. It only saves you from a self invited embarrassment of being told by the interviewers to wait outside and you will be called. Though actually, it doesn’t really makes a huge difference on your selection or rejection, but is just a polite gesture that makes the interviewers inside aware that the next candidate is now entering, so they can stop discussing something important and prepare their minds for interviewing the next one.
  2. WALK STRAIGHT BUT DON’T MARCH – As you enter, kindly do not forget to close the door behind. Walk with your back straight but its not a parade, so don’t over do the straight walk. Walking straight will give you a taller look and will reflect your confident attitude.
  3. SMILE – “A curve that makes things straight”, thanks to the web, we all know this proverb. Wearing a smile sends out positive vibes from you and reduces the chances of being judged as a arrogant person. It also helps you to calm down. But if you feel smiling is coming hard, keep a pleasant expression on your face and not a flat one! 
  4. GREET FORMALLY – Greet the interviewers according to the hour of the day. If facing a Panel Interview, you need not take everyone’s name, “Good Morning Everyone” will do and in case of one or two interviewers, greet them by their second name Mr…. / Ms….. unless asked to take the first name by the interviewer himself.
  5. FIRM HAND SHAKE – Shake your hands with the interviewer firmly, gripping the palm and fingers completely but just don’t be a “Bone Crusher”. Take care who are you shaking hands with, a lady or a gentleman. A limp handshake gives out a negative impression. So, avoid that.
  6. WATCH YOUR BODY LANGUAGE – To hide our nervousness, we often tend to do a lot of things oblivious of the fact what impression is it giving out. Your body language communicates very loudly about your inner personality. Things that certainly need to be avoided are – 
    1. Sinking in your chair,
    2. Lot of Hand Movements,
    3. Shaking your legs,
    4. Biting Nails,
    5. Making Faces while listening or answering a question,
    6. Avoiding Eye Contact with the interviewer,
    7. Making a pen or pencil dance between your fingers.
  7. DO NOT TALK OVER – Lot of people have this tendency of cutting out the other person before he is finished talking and start talking themselves. It is a very annoying habit. This shows that you are not a good listener and do not have patience. You react rather than respond, and these give out a negative impression again. So have patience let the interviewer finish his or her sentence, then you respond accordingly.
  8. DO NOT RUSH – In an urge to impress the interviewer, we often rush to pour every single detail known to us (relevant or irrelevant) while answering. This often makes an answer look confusing, uncoordinated and haphazard. Take your time, plan your answer and then speak.
  9. ASKING THE INTERVIEWER – Many interviewers might give you a chance to ask them something. Do not ask anything or everything like –
    1. Am I selected? How many offs can I take?
    2. How many hours would I be working?
    3. What is the exit policy of your company?
    4. When will I be promoted?
    5. Also avoid any Personal Questions / Remarks to the interviewer.
  10. END WITH A THANK YOU – As the interview gets over, do not leave before the interviewer asks. Always thank the interviewer for his time and patience before exiting. Also, if your interview wasn’t as awesome as you expected, do not drag yourself while walking. The interview isn’t over until you are really out of the room.

I hope these tips are helpful. Kindly do not forget to share what you feel about this post and leave your comments in the comments section.

You can also get in touch with me at feedback.clearingbasics@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!!! 🙂

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3 Responses to 10 Interview Etiquette

  1. Archana Kapoor says:

    great tips… thanks for sharing…

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  2. Archana Kapoor says:

    great tips… thanks for sharing…
    cheers, Archana – http://www.drishti.co


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