10 Tips to Nail That Interview!

Interviews are something that always fill us up with various emotions all at once – excitement, joy, enthusiasm, and at the same time nervousness, fear of the unknown & impatience. It is that ONE golden chance where you can prove your worth and get a step closer to your dream. How to prepare for an interview has always been THE MOST important question in everyone’s mind.

Here is my post today on a few things to be taken care of while you go for an interview. Remember, your success in an interview also depends upon a lot of other factors too apart from your personal ones. But, as they say “Try and Try until you Succeed”, so never give up. Failure happens when one stops trying. So, now, let your nervousness and fear take a backseat and read through the points below.

  1. Prepare answers for some very common yet important questions – Every interview has few common questions that we often fail to prepare for taking them to be too easy to answer, but in fact, they are the ones that trick us out when asked. Well prepare answers for some common questions like –
    • Your Introduction
    • Why do you wish to be a part of the organization?
    • Why did you leave your past employer?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • What do you know about our organization?
    • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
    •  Do you have something to ask us?
  2. Read about the Organization – Going through the website of the organization that you are going to give interview for is always an added advantage. Having a prior knowledge about the company will give you a more clear picture of the kind of skills required and where & how you can possibly fit in. In case the interviewer asks something about the organization itself, your answers will reflect your keen interest and seriousness about being a part of that organization.
  3. Update your Resume / CV – The CV that you are carrying must have been constantly updated. By doing this, you are presenting yourself as a developed person with recent skills and achievements that match the current scenario and requirement.
  4. Format / Proofread – The CV must be free of grammatical errors and well formatted and aligned. It gives an organized and cleaner look about your details as well as your personality.
  5. Keep your things prepared a day before – Be organized. Ready your interview folder a day before your big day with almost two copies of your updated CV, recent passport size photographs, a pen, glue stick, and a few blank sheets. This will save you the last minute rush.
  6. Get those basics right – Brush up the basics of your subject as basic questions also form a major part of the interviews. Other technical questions are of course necessary too, but they will be a lot easier to answer once you get your basics right.
  7. Whats happening around – Be aware about the recent past, ongoing and upcoming important events / issues in the world and politics too. Brush up your general knowledge.
  8. Formal Attire – Choose a well fitting (Neither too tight nor too loose) Formal attire for the interview. Keep the colors subtle. A business suit or formal trouser, shirt and a tie are always the best choices. Ladies can go in for formal sarees as well. Your shoes must also be formal and not noisy.
  9. Be on time – Its always better to be at the venue a few minutes prior to your interview. It gives you time to freshen, tidy up and relax before you go in.
  10. Keep Calm – No body is a fortune teller and can not tell what is going to happen next, so relax. Listen to some soothing music that lets you calm down. You have prepared yourself very well and are good to go. Believe in yourself, be  confident and calm, give your best shot. This helps.

The points above are not really rocket science but very common ones. But often in the rush of the hour, we forget a few. I hope these help you out. Soon, I would be posting on Interview Etiquette. Keep reading.

Please do not forget to leave your feedback in the comments section or on my e-mail.

Happy Reading. 🙂 Good Day

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