10 Homoeopathic Medicines That I Always Keep in My Baby Kit.

Hello Readers, As the monsoons are almost at the start in India, there is a relief from the heatwave for sure. But, along with, comes the time where little children need extra care not to fall ill in the changing weather. Today, my post is about 10 medicines that I always keep in my baby kit for my toddler. Being a Homoeopathic Doctor Dad’s Daughter, I have aways followed Homoeopathy for myself and now for my child too, which is safe, easy to give and works best for little children specially!

NOTE: If you have never followed Homoeopathy earlier, kindly consult your pediatrician or doctor before trying them out on yourself or your child.   

Okay, so now moving on further, here is my list:

1. ARNICA MONTANA – My son, like every child of his age, keeps running around the place and bumping himself every now and then. Bumping the head with the wall or table, falling down from the chair, slipping on the floor etc. are something that comes with growing up children. Arnica is the best medicine for any sort of injury or bruise.

2. CALENDULA – It is again a medicine for injuries but of open nature. Any wound involving a cut and bleeding, is best treated with Calendula. It comes in liquid form and can be applied directly to the wound.

3. ARSENIC ALB. – This is basically for the common cold or sneezing. With this changing weather, common cold and sneezing are going to be a normal phenomenon for children. Hence, Arsenic is the best remedy.

4. BELLADONNA – With common cold, might come fever. Belladonna works wonders in Fever.

5. APIS MEL. – During rain, lot of insects also come out. If your child gets bitten by the insects like bees, ants etc, and a swelling appears with redness and hotness, Apis is the medicine for that.

6. PODOPHYLLUM – Loose motions due to water in India are common during monsoons. So its better to avoid letting your child drink water from anywhere and everywhere. But still if he gets them, do not worry, Podophyllum controls them the best way.

7. CHAMOMILLA – If your child is teething and gets irritable, restless with pain and is not calm even after trying many ways, Chamomilla helps soothing the pain. It helps in comforting the child by relieving the pain.

8. SILICEA – In case the child gets boils or abscesses, it can be painful. Silicea brings the boil to a head.

9. NUX VOMICA – Constipation in children is again a usual phenomenon that happens. It could be due to a lot of reasons – Change of Food, Less intake of water, Change in child’s routine etc. This can often be painful and uneasy for the child making him uncomfortable, irritable, less playful and also eat less. For such situations, Nux Vomica is the medicine that helps curing constipation.

10. BORAX – Small children often get sleepless and terrified while being asleep in the night due to night fears. This could be due to many reasons and could make the child wake up suddenly, crying in sleep, screaming, sweating, difficult to comfort etc. My son used to cry suddenly in his sleep without being awake and used to be very difficult to comfort. Borax was the medicine that came as a very useful one for this situation. Though, he sleeps well at night now, but this medicine always has a place in my top tens.

Also, I would like to share what my Dad gifted me as my gift when I had my son. He gifted me this Mother and Childcare Homoeopathy Guide Book that has always come handy for me.

IMG_20150706_160717    IMG_20150706_160800     IMG_20150706_160833

It has listed so many common issues that new mothers deal with in terms of themselves as well as the newborn. It also has the causes & care about common diseases and other common conditions.   

Happy Monsoon Mommies! 

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