10 Reasons to have HTC Desire 616 Dual Sim as your next phone!

Phones are such an integral part of our lives now that we just CAN’T stay away from them for even a single second. We eat, sleep, drink, dance, shop, talk, walk phones. The market is literally flooding with phones EVERYDAY with updated features, technology, apps and what not, each one better than the earlier leading us to a super confused state in terms of the selection.

I am not a very techno savvy person but I have had my own share of experiences with a number of phones in just past three years. Ranging from Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, Spice, Blackberry to Apple, I have used them all. Currently, I own a HTC Desire 616 Dual Sim and I am totally smitten by it. (Not because it was a gift by my brother and I din’t had to shed a single penny for it, but it has lots more to it). Have a look at the reasons.


10 Reasons to have HTC Desire 616 as your next phone

1) ELEGANT LOOK – Talking about the look of the phone, it is a head-turner. The wide, huge, clear screen with HTC written in silver at the bottom and strategically placed front camera, the curved edges giving it all a slimmer look. Very Elegant.





2) COMFORTABLE TO HOLD & USE – The phone size is 142 x 71.9 x 9.15 mm. Being slimmer it is very comfortable to hold and work on. I am a left handed person, and this is my FIRST PHONE that gives me so much ease to work with. Ergonomically suiting.


3) SMOOTH TOUCH – Usually touchscreen phones lack smoothness in their touch, but HTC Desire has the smoothest screen touch.

4) SUPERB CAMERAS – It has an 8 MP CAMERA and 2 MP FRONT CAMERA and both of them are amazing. The pictures taken or videos recorded from its camera are nothing less than any digital camera. Being a toddlers mother, I do not have to rush for a digital camera every time to capture the beautiful moments, I am always handy with my HTC Camera.


5) GOOD SCREEN RESOLUTION – The screen is big and with very good resolution, the colors are soft on the eyes and do not strain while working on it.

6) SOUND QUALITY – The sound quality of the speakers at the back in front is fantastic. The songs or videos played give you a cutting edge experience of beats.

7) BATTERY LIFE – The battery of my phone has only once died out (that was due to my excessive gaming on my NEW PHONE) and later on till date I have never had issues with the battery. I charge my phone after about a day. So, for me, it works.

8) BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE – The phone is equipped with Octa – Core Processor which is powerful. It eases out the daily usage. One can easily use more than one app and switch among them without any problem.

9) PRE – LOADED USEFUL APPS – As a basic user requirements, it has pre – loaded office software, Google Drive, E – mail etc. If you love reading, it supports the Kindle software that can be easily downloaded and provides a fantastic reading experience.  `


10) EASY ON THE POCKET – Last but not the least, price is very important. This phone can be categorized in the Mid – Range phones. My phone was for 14,400/- at the time of purchase somewhere in January.

Overall, I would give a 10/10 for my HTC Desire 616 Dual Sim phone.

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