The (Un)Social Networking

We are totally surrounded and in tight grip of the social media or social networking sites as one would call them. mediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not. Almost every single person of the world is connected through some or the other network. So, what is there to fuss about? There is, indeed! 


No doubt that the social networking has reduced the distance between far off sitting family, friends etc in the world and brought people so close that we do not feel that they are in different countries or continents. But are we truly getting close to each other or drifting away in reality? Lets check…

* The Crazy Craze Once you have a profile on the social networking, the craze to check it every now and then comes along (even if you are nodding in a no, its not true). This slowly becomes a habit and in reality, it becomes an irritating one to others as one is constantly checking for updates, comments or likes. It hampers your work, productivity as well as an impression of being too much available always.  

* Friend list is JUST ANOTHER NUMBER We feel happy to see so many friend requests or more number of friends in our lists, but with how many do we exactly talk to, or even say a hello? I personally have more than 200 friends on the social media, mostly family and class-fellows and I hardly remember talking to all of them. Some are just there present as just another one added.

* Connected Online Disconnected Offline It is pretty obvious, when one is constantly IN the virtual world, he automatically gets disconnected with the REAL WORLD. Walking, Talking, Eating, Shopping, Sleeping, you are always on the ONLINE mode. You are pretty obviously supposed to miss out on the information of the real world and surroundings when your eyes are super concentrating on the Likes, comments, Replies or Trends. Ignoring family or friends from your real surrounding for the love of being online isn’t really good for relationships that are the true gems of our lives.  

* Health (D)Effects The over indulgence in social networking is unfortunately not a healthy thing to do. Due to this, there is a huge decrease in the outdoor games / activities. With our eyes continuously glued to the screens, get strained leading to headaches, anxiety, insomnia. Our lifestyles are already not very healthy now a days and this social media attraction is just an icing on the cake for unhealthy living. 

* Behavioral Issues Social media is Quicker than anything, anything that is there TRENDS like fire in the jungle. This is dangerously affecting our behavior patterns. As we are living in such a fast paced world, we often lose balance between the REAL and VIRTUAL. 

The behavior is getting impulsive, socially irresponsible and with lesser patience towards each other. We might not be talking to a person literally in real world, but virtually, we know everything happening in his / her life. I find it completely surprising as to how people have suddenly stopped TALKING and prefer TEXTING or CHATTING. (I am afraid that if this continues, in future, humans might just forget talking!!!) Talking is beautiful. 

I do not say that social networking is all bad, and today, it has become a part of our lives so much so that nobody can stay untouched with it. But, as it is said, extreme of everything is bad. So, there needs to be a balance between the two worlds that we are living in – REAL and VIRTUAL. There has to be a social sense in us as to what we write, post or update VIRTUALLY affects our REAL self. There are people who have learnt using social media for its pros. They are using it responsibly, are balanced between both the worlds and enjoying a happy life. Being off the networking  for a while and having a well balanced lifestyle isn’t that tough. And after you would have spent the spare time with your loved ones, you will realize that going OFF the LINE was totally worth it. frends

I suddenly remembered a friend of mine who called up on my birthday after so many years rather than just POSTING a wish on my WALL! Her gesture moved me and I was overwhelmed, not only because it made me feel more special, but also because I felt being a FRIEND IN HER LIST… REALLY and not just another FRIEND NUMBER in the profile. This was enough for the inspiration. I had been thinking a lot for a while on writing a post on this topic and today I finally could make it.

I hope this post is of help for you and you enjoyed reading through. Kindly do not forget to write your thoughts about this post in the comments section. Stay balanced and get the best of both the worlds. 

Happy Connecting!!!


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