Change is for the GOOD!!!

Change is something that is always there and happens and also that we all need at some point of time but there is something that always holds us back. That “something” was the only thing that held me back too from changing. I was happy with whatever was going on, the way the life was moving and everything seemed settled and my mind, never ever thinking about changing (read DISTURBING) the on-going ways. But there comes a point which gives you two options – Either Change or Be Left Behind.

Unknown Path

I chose the previous! And its better than being left behind. The only thing that holds us back is the fear of unknown, the attitude of “Let it be as it is”, the false conception that we are happy the way our life / work is; which in turn is not exactly as rosy as it seems! We all somewhere do crave for some kind of change in our lives .. be it small or large! It could be our ways, our lives, our work, schedule, place, house, anything!

Unless we change, we can’t come out of monotony and be alive! Change allows us to explore new arenas, new ways, new styles and experiment. We can always go back to what we used to be but till we don’t experience change, we won’t be able to compare the good better and best! Nothing in life is constant, we are living beings, lets be ALIVE! Do not be afraid of change! Yes, in the beginning, the change brings discomfort, unknown situations, new possibilities and an absolutely new environment, but that is all! These new things help us grow in various aspects of life, increasing our thinking and adapting capabilities and helping us learn from our own experiences!

The posts that I published on my previous blog platform, stopped giving me new areas to explore much and became monotonous for me as well as the readers. I hope my choice is the right one for the time. The posts now have moved to wordpress from its previous address.

Happy blogging and Happy Reading!

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