"Lefties" & "The Rest"

Such an interesting topic to talk about, isn’t it! Ages long debate over the HANDEDNESS of a child… Right or Left. Well, this topic suddenly cropped up in my mind as I came across an article one day in a newspaper. As interested as any left handed would be to read about his / her handedness, I read through the whole article word to word… but alas, I wish the topic would have addressed the issues more specifically and in a more elaborate manner rather than being a very general one. But never the less, good to see something about the Left Handed Ones!

Oh, well by the way.. I am a left handed person and I love being one… 

You must be thinking Ah, what is the big deal in being a left handed! It’s the same as someone being a right handed! So, the answer is NO, not really!! Being a lefty is not same as someone being a Right handed! It is different and at times AN ISSUE! Let me clear it more … Read on

See around you, if you are not a lefty, you will find nothing complaining about! Rather, everything will be perfect in your eyes… but now… look from the angle of a left handed… you will find a totally opposite world. There is almost EVERYTHING we left handed people have to get adjusted to because this world has a majority of right handed persons and hence the left handed are nearly LEFT OUT / neglected in terms of ergonomics. From smudging the ink pen written text in our notebooks to struggling with a PC Mouse position and cable … We have dealt it all…..

Lets start from our “NO NO Use your right hand” Families!

I am sure almost every lefty reading this would agree with the above statement! As the child starts using his left hand prominently for doing the tasks, there is definitely someone or the other really pushing the child to use his / her right hand for the tasks. I was lucky enough to have encouraging parents to let me remain naturally selected as a left handed. But most of the people go through the ordeal… I am sure lefties would agree that at some or the other point of time, we all have had that one person who used to be after our lives for using left hand for maximum tasks rather than the customary right one! This pressure is definitely annoying and is mentally disturbing too…. The HANDEDNESS is not a child’s choice, it is a natural selection… and that is exactly how a person’s body and mind are developed. To quote some science here, I am sure we all have read about the controlling brain sides like left controls the right handed and right controls the left handed… 

Trouble Seating Double

Unless we used to be seated on the left side of  the desk or the other kid (our bench partner in school) was also a lefty, we have had our share of “Elbow Fights” making the handwriting not so legitimate! Remember how difficult it used to be seated with the “not ready to change his / her seating side kid!”

Even then, schools are still better, trouble actually starts at colleges / universities where we had to sit on single chairs with the writing boards attached to them and all on the RIGHT SIDE! That’s such a pain….

While I was in College, during examinations, my main concern used to be earlier than the other left handed pupils of my class and grab THE LEFT HANDED CHAIR (yes the college had only a few chairs for the lefties but that was of course a rare find and your luck!!) on first come first serve basis!

Gadgets Use

Before the mobile phones, it was about using the PC Mouse… such a trouble it used to be bringing it all the way from right side to left and then realizing that the cable is just not enough for it to change side… duh! Remember the struggle! And then came mobile phones.. I really struggled with locking and using mobiles specially in crowded / jammed places as the functions were suited towards the right hand side … 

The NOW Scenario

The article that I went through claims that now companies are looking towards Left handed section of population and developing products that are suited for them as well.. just to quote an example the triangular pencils that are suited for both the hands… and many more..

Though, in India, apart from the writing chairs in colleges, I have still not come across anything in particular that is specifically developed for the left handed people. Even the cover laid at a restaurant table (all that cutlery and glassware) is suited for the right handed! (Yes, we know that we should eat with our right hand but its just not simple and very easy giving the holding position to our right hand..)

Talk About POSITIVES 😀

In spite of all these difficulties and day to day challenges and struggles with products, devices or systems, if so, there are numerous positives of being a left handed too… people around you immediately NOTICE that you write with your LEFT HAND and they ask! and come on.. lets agree to this…we feel noticed… isn’t it a feeling of being a little different from the rest… of course in good sense 🙂 

Also, left handed are generally called very intelligent / creative and achievers…. I am pretty creative and quiet intelligent in academics (not bragging, just thanking god for this). Hearing this from other’s of course feels good..

Thirdly, lefties are known to have beautiful handwriting and as far as I know, whichever lefty I had met, had a beautiful writing for sure…  

So, concluding, there is a struggling yet exciting life being a left handed!

Do not forget to post your opinion on this …

Disclaimer: The views above are my personal ones and not related to or targeting anyone in person / specific handed people etc. 
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One Response to "Lefties" & "The Rest"

  1. devinair says:

    I absolutely agree to this. My husband is a “Leftie-turned-Rightie-coz of family” person and i see his constant struggle every day. He writes with right hand but for everything else, his left hand is the stronger

    Liked by 1 person

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