Tantrums Vs Mom

We all love kids, right! Of course, who doesn’t! They are so cute, loving, adoring, innocent and beautiful at heart! But just like every coin has two sides, dealing with kids too has its own sides and side effects!!!
Today in my post, I am going to address the issue of KIDS TANTRUMS as per my personal experiences that I go through daily and even RIGHT NOW!
KIDS & TANTRUMS themselves are two very strong and heavy words that are enough to drive any mother crazy!!! There is no certain age where the kids actually start showing them. They are present since the child is born! But yes, they start becoming recognizable and prominent as the child starts growing up (say after 10 – 11 months .. thats when my boy started his) .
Before the child completes a year or starts walking, the intensity of tantrums is somewhat tolerable… like, –
* They will make faces while eating.
* They would just want to play and not listen to you.
* Ignore you.
* Starts shouting or learning to cry and getting things done etc.
As they grow up, 1+ years, the intensity just keeps getting better and better shooting up! My son is 1.5 years and has understood it completely that if I want to get anything done or avoid getting done like eating, bathing or sleeping, start crying in front of elders of the family and they will save! Initially none of us took it seriously and we would somehow do what exactly he had plotted for to avoid making him cry in front of his loved ones, but later on I realized that this is getting into his nature and he was making it a habit thinking it as a saving tool for himself!
Secondly, another tantrum that he often throws up these days is shouting out loud with eyes full of tears till he gets the thing that he is asking for! No matter whatever the thing is.. (Matchbox, Glasses, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptop, Wallet or even Medicines). This is indeed annoying and I at times start loosing my mind dealing with this shouting and not stopping till he gets it! [SLAP… comes to my mind, but this DOES’NT WORKS! Trust me moms, Beating isn’t gonna help]


Well, I am no doctor but a simple mother. So the so called “REMEDIES” for the above mentioned situations are simply my personal experiences and what I personally do to deal with them DAILY!
I have understood that there is no hard and fast rule or a fixed remedy to deal with kids tantrums but it is all about Experimenting with the child.
For the first situation, I am glad that my son has understanding grandparents who rather do not take his side if he is wrong but tell him to listen to mommy! But still, if at times it happens that he tries to take cover, I now prefer not to say him anything in front of his cover and leave him as it is… but tell him later on separately that mommy did not like this and he should not repeat it. The results never came right after I told him once, but now after so many efforts, he is in line!
For the second situation, I pacify him by playing with him leaving my work in between, if I have to, and making him feel that he is getting my full attention. This works wonders. I kiss him and tell that mommy hates to see tears in your eyes and no shouting! This does brings him more closer to me. For all this, a mother needs to be very patient.  Moreover, if the crying and blackmailing persists, IGNORE the child for some time, do not give much attention. You can also try DIVERTING THE CHILD by giving him something that catches his attention instantly, which is constructive in nature and is appealing to him. I have few Pre-school books for him that have huge and colorful pictures of animals, flowers, fruits etc. and it does work. Also, the toys that one should be selecting for children must be engaging in nature, making him / her learn, not dangerous for the child (having no spikes, very small pieces that could be swallowed etc.) and more than anything, LIKED by your child. Moving toys or Battery operated toys are a better option as the colors, music, and movement does attract and engage the child. (I usually complete writing a post using this technique!)
And, experience is the best teacher. You also can keep experimenting with your child’s likes and dislikes and what makes him less tantrum maker. Do not forget to share your success story about Tantrum Vs Mom!
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  1. esoofi says:

    Enjoyed reading your post, will read more as soon as I get some time. Happy writing 🙂

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