Career in Hospitality after +2

Hello readers,

This is the time for Board examinations and soon, there will be a wave of entrance examinations for the +2 students. My blog today is about a career option in Hospitality Industry. We all do keep saying and believing that tourism industry is the one which is continuously growing and has a huge potential for career but when it comes to actually selecting it as a career, it takes a backseat in comparison to the Medical, Engineering or IT sector. The students opting for graduation in this are thought to be the weaker ones who could not get through any other so called “reputed” course. 

I am sure many of you would be dreaming of making a career in this sector by getting influenced by some or the other uncle, friend, brother or sister associated with it. One could hardly find a student opting for hospitality as his first and last choice. This is a reality and a sad reality. It happened with me too 11 years back when I chose it as my career in spite of being selected for BHMS. Many of my batch mates were not really happy with their selection and kept trying for some or the other course in the MAINSTREAM as we say, and left the course in between (say after few months or even a year) to move to some REAL EDUCATION. This trend is surely to fill you with confusion, anybody will be, making you think twice about your choice too. But before you jump on to some negative conclusion, do realize that EVERYBODY HAS DIFFERENT LIVES AND DIFFERENT GOALS. One doesn’t have to follow others blindly. You and only you are the in-charge and shaper of your future!

Also, our society still takes it as a course where kids do get spoiled and it is a BAD INDUSTRY! And my answer to all such people out there is a BIG NO! No industry is BAD, its all about your choice whether you can fit in it or not. It is human nature to label things as GOOD if they are fulfilling your wishes and you are fitting in and all the rest that are we are not suitable for are BAD coz we don’t want to blame or accept our faults or misfits! Also, if a child has to get spoiled, he will pick up bad habits anywhere; School, Friends, any college, any course or even at home! Its the parents’ responsibility to build their child’s character and give him the sense of good and bad making him/her a better person. No course in the world spoils a child. One has to stop blaming unnecessarily.

I remember how difficult for me was to continue this course after every second person coming home GUIDING my parents to make me do some GOOD Course and be some school teacher or something that SUITS GIRLS! I am glad, my parents din’t lend them an ear and whatever achievements I have today, is all because of them… I completed my Graduation in Hotel Management with holding ranks throughout the years and with very good marks, Getting a job with the Taj Hotels as a Hotel Operations Management Trainee and then moving on to do Masters Degree in the same with an All India First Rank! 

So, for all you youngsters who feel charged bout being a part of this beautiful and fastest growing industry, read on..

The Course

Moving on to the Course and its career advantages, this is one of the fastest growing and popularity gaining course now a days. We see so many Hotel Management colleges (Private and Public) promising the brightest career and placement with handsome and so attractive salaries. The course is basically about Hotel Industry, giving you professional education on the core subjects – Food Production, Food & Beverage Services, Housekeeping and Front Office along with the basic management and administration aspects of the same. Ones who aspire to be great Chefs, Managers or Entrepreneurs can surely make the most of it. 

Other than just the education, this course helps one become a more confident, disciplined and well mannered person in life. It enhances the overall personality of a person by completely transforming him / her from the boy / girl to a Lady or Gentleman! 

If a student does not wants to or qualifies for the Graduation Program, they can also opt for a diploma or short term certificate course in the same specializing in the field of their interest and be a part of the industry. 

Career Benefits

After completing three or four years of graduation in Hotel Management (HM), the student is awarded a degree of Bachelors in HM! The placements happen through campus interviews which start right before you complete the final year of graduation. Here, the placements are not just limited to only Hotels, but various other sectors also do come to conduct interviews such as Aviation Liners, Private Banks, Restaurant Chains, Fast Food Outlets, Cruise Liners etc. 

This course also open avenues for students who want to go and work abroad and gain international experience. The salaries are no doubt handsome and also the experience is amazing, this industry requires lot of Hard Work, Patience and Passion! and is not for the meek.

How To Get In

As I had mentioned earlier that there is no shortage of Hotel Management colleges, Public or Private, it depends on the personal choice and suitability. The content of the course and duration may vary among the private and govt. institutes. You can check out the link for a list of private hotel management institutes as well as govt. recognized ones.


The course is open for students of all the streams i.e. Science, Arts, Commerce and other vocational who have completed +2 with English as a subject. More information can be seen through the following link:

I hope the blog gave you somewhat clear picture of the industry and helped you in clearing your confusion and queries about the same. Kindly do leave a comment on what else information on the topic you would want to know and I would be happy to help.

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