Personal Hygiene

The very first and most important requirement for a Hospitality Professional is Personal Hygiene & Grooming. The industry demands Perfection and looking good is essential at all times. But it is all that is needed or do we miss out on some very minor issues?

So, let us try to understand Hygiene in a very simple, logical and easy to follow daily way.

For some theoretical introduction, the term Hygiene basically comes from the name of a Greek Goddess “Hygieia” who is considered as the Goddess of Health. Hygiene basically means cleanliness of one’s own body, surroundings, lifestyle patterns, or any such thing that ensures a safe, sound and healthy atmosphere around. Here, we will talk only about the Personal Hygiene (Body).

Just like any other machine or gadget, the most complex machine in the world i.e. Our Body also demands our care and attention on a daily basis. We often neglect ourselves due to only these basic reasons like being lazy to get up and go in the shower, or being negative about our looks, or just being late! (I am sure you are nodding in agreement).

Good looks come with good hygiene practices and they need to be followed with discipline all the time. Let us now have a look at few general and very basic points of personal hygiene:

Dental Hygiene – NOBODY wants to be killed by a bad breath at least! Brush the teeth properly twice or thrice a day (Preferably after meals also) using a good toothbrush and a paste. Using a mouthwash afterwards won’t harm either. Bad breath is the biggest put off for anybody and however nice and handsome you look, bad breath makes you invisible and only the breath remains! It prevents gum diseases and tooth decay and gives beauty to the smile.

Shaving – Gentlemen, stubble is cool but not professional. So, take the route to shaving your face properly and daily. It gives you a more clean and friendly look.

Bathing Daily – Please guys, DO NOT SKIP BATHING! Yes, even in winters. Bath daily to feel fresh and energetic whole day. Yes it does get difficult for some to drag themselves out of the cozy bedding to under the cold shower but it is for your own good. It does remove all the dead skin cells giving you a fresh and neat look and keeping you away from various diseases. Also, it helps you stay awake and attentive to the daily activities and enhances the work performance. Do use a good bathing soap and shampoo.

Using Deodorants – Use good quality perfumes or Deodorants to keep away body odor. Keeping in mind that the fragrance should be pleasing and light rather than very strong.

Cutting/Trimming Nails – Yes, long, dirty and ill-maintained nails that usually showcase the delicious food items you just had are a big NO!  Keep them clean, well trimmed or cut, and in good shape.

Washing hands – Before and after meals and after using the washroom, do not forget to bid adieu to the food particles, germs and bacteria that are clinging on your hands by washing your hands with soap and water properly. (You have better people to be friends with!)

Changing / Wearing clean clothes – This holds true for the under as well as outer wear. Using your already used under garments gives room for the development of bad odor, bacteria leading to irritation, itching and other serious skin problems and infections. Wear washed and clean under garments daily. Wearing clean clothes leaves a nice impression on others. People wearing clean clothes are considered more trustworthy rather than the filthy ones.

Apart from the above mentioned general points, a big role in maintaining good health and hygiene is also played by the habits of a person. Some people have habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. It causes serious health problems and also the beauty of the face goes away with it. The smoke and tobacco deteriorates the teeth and takes away its whiteness giving it a pale yellow, reddish and black look which I am sure nobody would like to see while smiling. Eat proper and healthy food, drink plenty of water and avoid food ingredients that are likely to cause smell. Cutting down on too much tea and coffee is also good for health.

I don’t think looking good and being healthy is so difficult, it just takes some effort and there you are ready to go, full of confidence, good looks and leaving a perfect impression! 

Stay Healthy…
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5 Responses to Personal Hygiene

  1. esoofi says:

    Fantastic post! Enjoyed reading. Happy writing 🙂


  2. Farida says:

    Thank you fr d appreciation zeeshan… will keep d suggestions in mind 🙂


  3. zeeshan says:

    Good initiative


  4. zeeshan says:

    Good initiative


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