Hope for the best

Hello readers,

Good Evening & Welcome to the post.

This is my first ever blog. I was absolutely unaware (rather not even interested in being aware) about blogging till few days back. I am a housewife and a mother to a handsome little boy. Like many other mommies, I used to work before my baby and now wanted to get back to work. I searched all through the internet extensively to find a HOME BASED JOB, you know something like Data Entry, Presentations, Admin support and what not. I tried Freelancer, oDesk, Elance, Guru etc. but the search and time I invested in all these was useless, in my opinion. The skills and tasks hardly match. That did created a disappointment in me and this was when I bumped into an article about blogging and after reading it, I got inspired to give a try to blogging about something useful and what I know and share it with many others. 

My background & Teaching Experience being Hospitality and Hotel Management, I will be posting stuff related to the Hospitality Education and its subjects. Adding on, I have expertise in MS Office (read Word, Excel and Power point, so you will also find Simple Basic Tutorials on working with the above mentioned programs in future. 

I hope this blogging thing works and let me share my knowledge and expertise with the rest. 
I am not sure as to how much is it helpful in EARNING, but my blogs will surely be helping you out in LEARNING. 
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5 Responses to Hope for the best

  1. Farida says:

    Thank you very much er. Saab, saurabh nd akshay. I hope it works well towards its aim


  2. It will help us…..thanks


  3. This is going to be great


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