Things that make you love and hate Dermatology

When we all first think of an Organ, nothing external comes to our mind. The ones that come in picture are like Brain, Heart, Liver, Stomach, etc. all internal. But there is one we wear on the outside and that is our Skin. Yes, Skin is the largest organ that we have. This covering does a lot more to us than only just making us look presentable by securing all the internal organs in place inside. Hence, it is very important to take care of our skin.


We care about our skin by every means possible to keep it safe from diseases and infections. The market is full of branded cosmetics and other skin care products to be used to keep our skin healthy and safe. Skin problems have nothing to do with only age, they can occur at any age irrespective of the gender too as our skin is a pretty sensitive organ that gets affected by a lot of factors such as Excessive use of cosmetics, Unhygienic lifestyle, Food, Water, Heat, Wind, Dust, Dirt, etc.  and get infected leading to pimples, acne, skin allergies, rashes, wrinkles, spots, dryness, psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema or worse, skin cancer. The health of our skin shows the health of our body, hence it becomes important to keep it safe from skin infections, skin allergy and skin disorders.

The branch of medicine dealing with the skin care and its diseases is called as Dermatology and the skin specialist is called as a Dermatologist. Dermatology not only involves treatment of infections and diseases but Dermatologists also perform Cosmetic Surgeries and Dermato Surgeries. A dermatologist diagnose and treat more than 2000 kinds of skin problems and also can improve the appearance of their patients other than just treating a problem.

India has grown up as a hub for best medical treatments in all branches and we have some of the top skin specialists in India. This medical speciality has really been on the growth as people have become more aware about their looks and skin health. So many skin clinics and dermatology hospitals have come up providing specialist Skin Care, Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, Laser Surgery, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Dermato Surgery, etc.

One such top name in the field of Derma care is Manipal Hospitals. Being one of the best skin hospitals in Bangalore, their expert team of specialist doctors treat common acne, laser hair removal, skin allergies to skin cancers, dermatitis, psoriasis and other immune related skin diseases with utmost care, compassion and highly expertise skills. Thousands of patients from around the world have found long lasting solutions to their varied dermatological problems at Manipal Hospitals.

HospitalTheir Department of Dermatology was set up in the year 1990 and it has since been providing an extensive range of skin treatments. A wide range of skin problems are diagnosed and treated and they are equipped with the latest USFDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) approved technologies. A huge number of skin treatments such as photo therapy, cryotherapy, laser surgery, and allergic testing are routine for them. Other than these, advanced treatments such as Cranio Maxillofacial Surgery, micro surgery, and reconstructive surgery are handled successfully by the immensely talented team of the department. The department is equipped with few of the best dermatologists of Bangalore who are well experienced in the field of dermatology.

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How to Survive an Online Business

Hello everyone,

Pretty recently we have been seeing an upsurge in the online businesses. These days, I see people choosing the virtual world over the real one when it comes to start a small business. Well, starting up online has lot more benefits than starting up in the real world, like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Less investment
  • Larger reach to clients
  • Better networking
  • Less risks
  • Can work from anywhere
  • Total control and many more..

Now, starting a business online is pretty easy to set up. I would not dwell on that part. But my post today is about Surviving it. Lot of people do start up their small businesses online but are not able to survive there for long.

Here, you will find the tips on how to survive and grow your start up online.

1. List out your resources

It is very important to list out from where are you going to get the stuff from. You can either partner with some suppliers and sell their product online via your page or website or you can have your own stock. Do not stick to one supplier only, always have minimum of five at your hand.

2. Chose reliable resources

Building Trust in your customer about your business is the most important thing. Always chose your resources / suppliers carefully after a research on them who you can rely on for the products and the quality because ultimately you will be facing the wrath of a customer if things are not of quality leading to a bad business name.

3. Give genuine and correct information

An online business usually thrives on product images and description. This is why usually people avoid buying products online. To stand out and be trustworthy, always give your customer what you show. Give out real time images of the product and every single detail of the product in the description that the customer needs to know. This builds a confidence in the buyer to go ahead for the product.

4. Have a strong network with clients as well as suppliers

Having a strong network means stay always connected with your clients and suppliers for the on going orders and the order status. Keep tracking your orders and give out correct information to the buyer about the delivery time. For this you need to have a strongly connected and communicative pack of suppliers.

5. Keep Records

 Keep all the records of the orders like – completed, on going or pending along with client name, address, contact number, product ordered and rest of the misc. details to avoid confusion and missing out any of the orders.

6. Post Daily

Do not forget to post almost daily about your business, new products launched, upcoming products / services, events, contests, sale etc. on your page or website and share it with everyone. This keeps you in the market and people start recognising your business.

7. Invest a little in promotion (Optional)

If you have some little money spare that you can invest in promoting your business and you own a credit card, you might just go for the promotional deal that the social networking sites offer these days. This is absolutely optional but no harm to try once too.

8. Research your competition

You are never alone in a business. There is competition everywhere. To survive in the dynamic market, you need to be well aware about your competition too. Go through their websites, product descriptions, pages, reviews and do a detailed research on them to know what their strengths and weaknesses are and where do you have an edge over them. This will also help you in fixing the product prices according to market rates.

9. Always take feedback

Once you have delivered the product to the client, the task does not ends there. Always Re-connect with the client and take feedback about the product, his entire experience of shopping or ordering with your business and so on. This will help you understand your network of suppliers better and the shortcomings which need to be rectified and the plus points that can give you an upper hand over the competition.

10. Never be scared of a rude client.

You started up a cute business and you wish all the clients end up happy thanking and praising you for the product they got. It is a fairy tale dream. You will be connected to various kinds of people with different attitudes, attributes, manners and behaviours. And you can’t keep them all happy. So never be scared or afraid from a client who is or was never very happy or behaved very rude or gave you a bad review. They are everywhere. Deal with them.

11. Return Policy

Do not indulge into arguments, see what you can do to rectify the issue and if still not, a product return and entire money refund offer works wonders. Initially you will have to do such things too. Later on when you get established and have spent around 6 – 8 months in the business and start getting recognition, be clear with the return policy of your business.

These are a few tips on how to survive the little online business you wish to start or have started. I hope they help.

Happy Earning 😀


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Mission 1000 – Making A Difference

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

As very well said in the above quote, Education is something that can’t be ignored and should not be neglected at any cost. Education not only plays a vital role in providing knowledge, but, it helps a person to be able to introspect, differentiate between the rights and wrongs, understand life, having innumerable opportunities to grow, be a responsible citizen & contribute in the development of the society, community and hence the country. Being educated is the biggest asset for one.

But as we talk about the importance of education and being developed and global, we come across a cruel reality too that needs immediate attention. India is divided into Urban and Rural Sector. The education facilities in the urban schools are far more developed and at par with the international standards whereas, schools in the rural sector still crave to meet the basic requirements of proper buildings, sanitation, hygiene, safety, clean drinking water etc. Due to these conditions, lot of children in the rural sector are bound to drop off the idea of going to school, either by choice or persuasion of their families. This include huge numbers of girl child specifically, leaving their studies due to improper conditions. Rather than encouraging their girl child to continue education, the rural families prefer to either marry them off early or bound them to household work only. The boys drop out to support their families by earning at a very young age.

Educating a girl is to educate a family. Due to all these Unhappy situations, the enrollment and retention of children in schools in rural sector is a serious issue to be dealt with.


Moved by the unwelcoming situations being faced by the rural children, Coca-Cola India, UN-Habitat & NDTV along with NGO partners launched the Support My School (SMS) Campaign in January 2011, which is basically for spreading awareness on the Importance of Education.

It is also a WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) initiative that aims to improve the basic amenities in Government schools. The SMS campaign is now taking up Mission 1000 i.e. to revitalize 1000 neglected schools in the country that lack these basic facilities. Its core activities include:

* Provision of improved access to water.

* Appropriate and separate sanitation facilities for girls & boys.

* Improvement in the overall school infrastructure.

* Providing sports and Recreational facilities.

* Environmental Upkeep

Saurav Ganguly being the Brand Ambassador for this campaign, its impact is immensely applaudable. This mission being in line with the Swachch Bhaarat Vision, has revitalized 600 schools and benefited approximately 2,00,000 children. This has lead to an upward move in the enrollment figures and children’s attendance data.


When the Golden Triangle involving NGOs, Community Members and Private Sector join hands, it definitely can enhance and make a huge difference to our country’s development. With the provision of such basic and necessary amenities, the schools touched by the SMS campaign are now very much able to provide a cleaner, healthier, safer environment conducive to learning. This has really transformed the education scenario for the children who could only desire or dream of going to schools but were deprived due to improper conditions. Their entire future was being absolutely destroyed. The increase in the enrollment rate from 6.95% (2013 – 14) to 14.77% (2014 – 15) is itself an indicator of the importance of such programs for our country. This initiative by Coca-Cola India, UN – Habitat & NDTV has been successful in making a positive difference in the lives of the children by giving them a beautiful opportunity to get education as the gift for their life.

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12 Little Habits Of Happy Couples

Some Fantastic Advise Here

Parenting & More By Disha Sethi

Before you start reading my article further, let me tell you a truth. We are not the happiest couple. So I am not a relationship expert here. But what marriage and so much research on other couples has taught me so far is that marriage is a work. A constant, nerve wrecking, hard work. And certainly the most important one. And like any dedicated worker we work towards it everyday.

I have read a lot of articles on marriage that tell you to take time off each other, communicate well and give each other space. So , I am not going to tell you that. The habits that I am going to share are no magic tricks, neither they need you to take life altering routine changing decisions, they are just little adjustments and gestures that can keep the magic going.


  1. Sleep at the same time:

Remember the beginning of…

View original post 673 more words

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A New Beginning!

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and readers. Not being able to post something since long, I really missed blogging. But, now back, I would like to invite u all to b a part of my new beginning that I recently settled up by the name of Ethnic Embroidery.

It is Ethnic yet Modern Indian Embroidery business on Women Clothing. Here is d link to it Click Here.

A few sample pictures above. I would be very happy if you all spare a few minutes and have a look at it.

The Embroidery is called as the Gota Patti Embroidery and originated authentically in Rajasthan. The royal family’s apparels were decorated with this embroidery. It is a light weight yet extremely attractive embroidery that simply gives one a very sophesticated, elegant and royal look.

Do not forget to see thru and share your comments about the same. Thanks 😃

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10 Homoeopathic Medicines That I Always Keep in My Baby Kit.

Weather change again… Here is my post again to have these must have homoeopathic melds, for kids as well as adults .. Take prevention stay safe u all

Clearing Basics

Hello Readers, As the monsoons are almost at the start in India, there is a relief from the heatwave for sure. But, along with, comes the time where little children need extra care not to fall ill in the changing weather. Today, my post is about 10 medicines that I always keep in my baby kit for my toddler. Being a Homoeopathic Doctor Dad’s Daughter, I have aways followed Homoeopathy for myself and now for my child too, which is safe, easy to give and works best for little children specially!

NOTE:If you have never followed Homoeopathy earlier, kindly consult your pediatrician or doctor before trying them out on yourself or your child.   

Okay, so now moving on further, here is my list:

1. ARNICA MONTANA – My son, like every child of his age, keeps running around the place and bumping himself every now and then…

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Bloggers Award – Brotherhood of the World (Nominees)

I am extremely thankful and feel wonderful & honored by being nominated by one of my blogger friends Mr. Esoofi.

blogger awards

His writings are extremely intelligent, captivating and inspiring. Kindly check out his blog to read his posts and get inspired. Mr. Esoofi.

Okay now moving on to the blogger awards, the rules are as follows:

Rule No. 1 – Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.

Rule No. 2 – List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the world Award logo to your post / blog or both.

Rule No. 3 – Answer the questions set to you and Nominate around ten bloggers.

Rule No. 4 – Create your set of questions for your nominees.

and you are good to go!

My answers to the questions are:

Q.1 – Define your good self in 25 words.

ans – I am a person who strongly believes and follows equality & kindness for all. I am a learner who learns through my mistakes and then win.

Q.2 – If you are made president of United States of America for one day, what best you would do for it’s citizens?

ans – I would give a day off and ask the citizens of America to visit their ageing parents along with their kids and spend the entire day happily and stress free being united with the complete family either at home, cooking and laughing together or going out and having fun as they like and just spread happiness and joy.

Q.3 – Which book according to you is a must read and why?

ans – Quran. It is one book that contains the way of life and includes just everything that a human being needs to know for his survival and life. It simplifies your life and reciting it drains out my stress, fills me with calmness and eases out the life.

Q.4 – Which is the best award winning movie that you have watched recently?

ans – I saw the movie Queen recently that won the National Award last year. It is one brilliant movie showcasing the journey of a simple girl about finding her own inner self strength and making herself count in the world with respect. Actress Kangana Ranaut is surely to be applauded for her role.

Q.5 – Please write something about any good memories of your childhood days.

ans – By Almighty’s grace, I have had a very happy childhood and have loads of happy memories. Out of so many, one that I would really like to write about is visiting my grandparents during our school vacations – maternal as well as paternal. The love, affection, joy and inspiration that I have got from them is simply amazing. I do follow the same with my child and make him meet his maternal as well as paternal grandparents regularly so that he also feels blessed. I thank my Almighty to bless me with this love.

Q.6 – Can We All together make this world a better place to live in by practicing human rights law?

ans – Of course! It is not very hard to make this world a better place to live. We all simply need to learn and respect each individual, Practice patience and throw out negativity from within as it is the root cause for depression, stress, anger, regrets and undesirable acts. What you want for yourself, practice the same for other too.

My nominees are:

Noorain Sobiya

Izza Ifzaal

Disha Mahajan Sethi

Vikas Acharya

Stuart M. Perkins

Alok Singhal

Michael Lai

Vineet Aulakh

Brey Brey

Mukul Chand




My Questions for my Nominees are:

Q.1 – When was the last time you did something to help a needy?

Q.2 – What do you do when you are not blogging?

Q.3 – One person after your parents you look up to as your inspiration?

Q.4 – The moment that suddenly made you feel more responsible and grown up?

Q.5 – One memory when you goofed up things at job and how you covered?

Q.6 – Write down three Blogging Etiquette that you follow?

And this is the end to my post with loads of wishes for my followers, fellow bloggers and once again being thankful to Mr. Esoofi, my fellow blogger for appreciating and nominating me for the award.

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Did you read it?

I recently published my first ever ebook on Public Speaking on amazon and had run a four days free promotion. Today, it has been 8 days since I published my work. Fortunately the Free Promotion did worked and was a motivation for a newbie like me.

My ebook cover

My ebook cover

Click here for my book

For all those who missed, I am again sharing the link to my book above, which is available by the name of “Combat GlossophobiaFear of Public Speaking.”

I would appreciate if you get your copies and share it with your friends and family. Also your reviews and feedback about the same are extremely important and valueable, so do not forget to add one.

You can also e mail me your feedbacks at

Thanks and Happy Reading! 🙂

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Get it for FREE!!!

Get your hands on the copy of my e-book – “COMBAT GLOSSOPHOBIA: Fear of Public Speaking” absolutely FREE!

This promotional offer begins TODAY i.e. “24th – 27th September 2015” ONLY.

Do not let this opportunity go waste. Try it once and I would appreciate if I can have your feedback, ratings and reviews for further improvements.

Sharing with you all the link again.

Link to my E-Book

Thanks and Happy Reading 🙂

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Live in style – Stand Up Comedy

A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

– Charlie Chaplin

In such a hectic and stressful life today, one of the best things if one can do for others, is to make them laugh. Laughter is the finest antidote that instantly cures emotional and mental imbalance of the person. So, being able to spread joy, happiness, heal others emotionally, connect with them, reducing worries, bringing people together should be considered a gift. And if you have it, consider yourself gifted!

Do you think you have it? Can you Stand – Up on stage facing a room full of faces expecting you to make them laugh? If your answer is a yes, then Stand – Up Comedy might just be for you.

Briefly talking about stand – up comedy, it is basically a style of making a comic presentation in front of a live audience and directly interacting with them. There is a huge explosion of stand-up comedians these days who are looked upon as a celebrity in their own way. Who doesn’t know about our own comedy king, Kapil Sharma. He changed the entire scenario & perception about stand-up comedy, taking it to such high levels that were beyond imagination. Adding a few more names to this genre of artists, how can we forget the very famous, Johny Lever who shaped the stand – up comedy in India, followed by Raju Srivastava, Bharti Singh, Sudesh & Krishna, Vir Das, Sunil Pal, V.I.P., Naveen Prabhakar and so on.

PicMonkey Collage

But as easy as it may sound, Stand – up comedy is considered one of the hardest things to pull off. The success as a stand-up artist is entirely based on ones’ talent and courage to overcome the experience of facing people first few times when they refused to laugh with your performance and gave you rejecting glances.

If you have this bone and the mettle to make your bold move in spite of all the odds, here is your chance to make it big. The is a great portal that encourages people to follow their hearts to stand – up comedy, be recognized, famous and applauded as stand – up comedians. They have an entire separate dedicated page for supporting and encouraging stand – up comedy on their portal which is a definitely commendable effort.


One can get a sneak peek into the lives of their favorite stand – up comedians and read through their success journey. Also, the page offers superb videos of stand – up comedy that are surely going to make you laugh hard. Other features include tips on stand – up comedy, world famous stand – up comedians etc.

Stand – up comedy now, is not just limited to stage and auditoriums. It has also reached to an entire new set – up i.e. the Bars, replacing or as add on to the live music bands and singers. After a hectic and busy day, bars are where most of the people visit to have a great evening and relax themselves. The comfortable and informal set – up of chairs & tables, high stools, bar counter etc. all add to the relaxing ambience of the place.

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